3-4 December 2019, Sofitel, London Heathrow


We are very excited to offer you a unique experience during NXTWORK 2019 – the chance to book a session in our very own Shared_Studios pop-up portal!

About Shared_Studios

Shared_Studios exists to create meaningful human connections between people who would never otherwise have the chance to meet. We bring together people separated by distance and difference to talk, dance, play, and collaborate as if they were in the same room.

About Portals

Portals are interconnected, immersive audiovisual environments built in repurposed shipping containers, inflatables, and custom structures. When you enter one, you are met by someone in a distant Portal and can speak to them as if in the same room.

Shared_Studios maintains a network of more than 40 Portals around the world and connects these spaces to one another for dialogues, performances, and collaborative activities. Portal sites range from Chapultepec Park in downtown Mexico City to the Harsham Camp for Internally Displaced Persons in Erbil, Iraq; and from a public park in Lagos, Nigeria to a university in El Progreso, Honduras.

Shared_Studios + Juniper Networks

Shared_Studios and Juniper Networks are embarking on a first-of-its-kind, game-changing partnership. Building on shared values of connecting and empowering people everywhere, Juniper Networks’ technology is upgrading the Portal experience through enhanced security, control, and quality.

NXTWORK EMEA 2019 attendees will be able to enter and experience the Portal firsthand in the gold inflatable Portal at The Sofitel T5. Attendees can sign up for a Portal conversation via the NXTWORK EMEA event app and meet with digital transformers, technologists, creators, and gamechangers from Ede, Netherlands to Mexico City, Mexico, Kigali, Rwanda and more!